Top 8 NFL Mock Draft 3.0: Josh Allen goes #1

SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 21: Josh Allen /

Who should be on the clock when the Chicago Bears make their first pick?

Through two editions of our top eight mock draft, we have started it off with Sam Darnold being the pick. However, as time has gone on some smoke has started to arise that the team is interested in Josh Allen at the first overall pick. To mix things up and see a newer scenario we will change it up a bit and see who is around at pick number eight.

As mentioned, this is a chance to see how the board would shake up differently if Josh Allen were to go number one. There is real talk that this may happen, so why not give it a go.

In the last two mocks, the Buffalo Bills traded up to the number two spot. However, there is a reason as to why the Giants have not pulled the trigger on the trade yet. They are making sure the Browns do not mess this up. Word is the Giants are high on Darnold, and he is a great fit for the spot to sit for a season. He seems to be the only thing holding the Giants back from a trade back, but he falls into their laps thanks to the Browns.

. The Jets apparently understand the Giants understanding at quarterback. They seem to understand that if the Browns take Allen, Darnold is gone at two. However, if Darnold goes one, there is a real chance Josh Rosen goes two. So who is always there at three? Baker Mayfield.

Mayfield recently met with Jets brass and apparently things went great. They seem to be set on their man and they may know that Mayfield is the odd man out in the top two.

The Browns had to field trade offers here for Josh Rosen. However, they are going to stand pat and take the top pass rusher in the draft. After quarterback, pass rusher is the most valuable spot in the draft. Adding Chubb to Myles Garrett is creating a perfect pairing. Emmanuel Ogbah is no slouch but adding him to the depth of the roster makes them a talented group. To walk away with what is the top passer and pass rusher in their opinion should be another top haul.

We had the Bills trading up for Rosen in the past two mocks. While it happened at the second pick recently, the Giants one scenario to stay came about. Now, the Bills are scrambling to back into the top five. Luckily for them, the Broncos signed Case Keenum and are happy with him. The Broncos thought about Quenton Nelson but traded back to pick up the Bills two first rounders and build around their quarterback. The Bills get their guy and while it would take two first plus to get to pick two, they pay a slightly decreased price thanks to the Browns.

The Colts are in a nice position where they can debate between Saquon Barkley or Quenton Nelson. It would be tough for them to pass on the dynamic running back, it seems as though Chris Ballard has an understanding of the value of running backs in the NFL. Guard is a much more valuable position, and it could be argued that grade of grade, Nelson is the safer prospect. Many Bears fans would like Nelson to fall to pick number eight, but even with four high quarterbacks, it is tough to see arguably the top player in the class fall that far.

This seems to be the lowest Saquon Barkley could possibly fall. Barkley is a pass catching nightmare who can tear teams up in space. The Buccaneers are looking for a pass catcher back. They have Mike Evans, Desean Jackson and Chris Godwin to clear underneath passing for Barkley. The fit is absolutely perfect and would be tough for them to pass on.

8. Chicago Bears

Even when the top eight shakes up, it leaves the Bears in the same spot. Many see Quenton Nelson falling. In two of the three mock drafts we did using, Quenton Nelson falls. However, it is so hard to see him falling when doing projections and trying to connect the dots. By all intents and purposes, the top four quarterbacks will be gone by eight. From there, there is a top tier of Saquon Barkley, Quenton Nelson, and Bradley Chubb. It is tough to envision any of those three falling at this point. The order will be different, but those should be the top seven players drafted.

The Bears are in a position to trade down. They are high on Denzel Ward and brought in Minkah Fitzpatrick for a visit. Tremaine Edmunds obviously makes sense and Roquan Smith met with the team as well. Even Harold Landry could be in play.

What do you think, in what scenarios does Nelson fall to eight? Who should the Chicago Bears take if he does not?