Matt Nagy looks to instill confidence in Kevin White

With a thin wide receiver depth chart, head coach Matt Nagy expresses confidence in Kevin White

I don’t have to buy it, and I likely won’t. You don’t have to buy it either. We have heard the exact same story before. “It is just about confidence in Kevin White.” “Once he gets confident he will be back.” John Fox and Dowell Loggains said it just last year.

However, just like Fox, new head coach Matt Nagy thinks that he has found the issue when it comes to Kevin White. And like Fox, he is hoping he has a remedy. Nagy spoke with the media recently about White after his first day of voluntary workouts.

“He’s a kid [whose] confidence hasn’t been where it needs to be,”

“He’s young. He has a big ceiling. Now we can try to do it as much as we can as coaches and try to pull it out of him, but he’s got to work hard. He’s got to put time in the playbook. He’s got to put in the extra work after practice when he can. And then when the game comes, he’s got to make plays. When you do that, his confidence will slowly get better and better.”

I have no problem with a single thing Matt Nagy said. A lot of people are taking the “big ceiling” quote and running. Nagy acknowledged that it is 100% on White to reach it. I think everyone understands that White could still be good.  I also trust Matt Nagy when it comes to person to person relationships more than I do John Fox.

However, I am not ready to bet on Kevin White yet. Most of his downfall has been injury related, but when all of the coaches come in and immediately start talking confidence, it is not a great sign. Matt Nagy is a fresh breath with a longer leash than John Fox. He could shake that confidence free. He is going to give it a try, but the hope is that the team still drafts wide receiver at some point to fill up their depth.