Chicago Bears 2018 NFL Draft: Is Mike McGlinchey the dark horse at eight?

SOUTH BEND, IN - SEPTEMBER 02: Mike McGlinchey
SOUTH BEND, IN - SEPTEMBER 02: Mike McGlinchey /

Everyone is waiting for Ryan Pace to make a surprise pick at number eight. Is Mike McGlinchey that pick?

All offseason we have tried to parse through the words, read between the lines and use our own eyes and draftniks suggestions to make educated guesses as to who the Chicago Bears will take at number eight overall. The fact of the matter is that the overall consensus seems to be Quenton Nelson, Tremaine Edmunds, Roquan Smith, Denzel Ward and Minkah Fitzpatrick. However, as those five emerge from the pack, it almost makes their selections less obvious.

We can almost all admit that the trade up for Leonard Floyd and Mitchell Trubisky were surprising at the moment given their pre-draft smoke. So, when searching for the pick at number eight, it is time to take a step back and think outside of the box.

Positonal Value

The most important positions in football are the quarterback, the player to protect the quarterback and the player to attack the quarterback. When you are picking in the top ten you have a chance for a high upside bet at one of those premium positions.

While it is not a long-standing trend to stand the test of time, in two out of the past three years Ryan Pace has subscribed to the idea that when picking in the top ten, it is time to swing for fences on the most premium positions. In all three cases, he took his big swing. This is what has led some connections to Tremaine Edmunds, and even Harold Landry and Marcus Davenport.

However, with one pass rusher already added, and the quarterback ready for a step forward, what if it is a huge boost in protection that makes the pick at number eight?

Why not trade down?

Who is to say that the Chicago Bears will be able to trade down and find McGlinchey? The fact of the matter is that while groupthink has led many to conclusions about the draft, the fluid nature and the way in which the NFL sees talent compared to the general public is staggering.

The fact of the matter is that the NFL is likely viewing Mike McGlinchey as a top ten prospect. Peter King thinks so.

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Peter King and Peter Schrager are not the scouts, or opinionated types when it comes to their mocks. They are not draft analysts. They are connecting dots based on what they hear in the league. Mike McGlinchey is the top prospect at a valuable position. He is going to be drafted in the top ten.

It is worth noting that Mike Mayock connected him to the top ten. Mayock is arguably the most connected draft member in terms of gathering a consensus in the mass media. His mock drafts are the most accurate and his top 100 lists go in the most realistic manner.

Mike Mayock has Mike McGlinchey rated as his eighth overall prospect. The Bears cannot trade out of pick eight and find themselves taking Mike McGlinchey. These insiders understand that McGlinchey is going to get drafted in the top ten. They are just trying to find the match in the top ten.

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Why the Bears match

The Chicago Bears have had almost no connection with Mike McGlinchey. While many thought the team favored DeShaun Watson to Trubisky before the draft and many mocked Jamal Adams to Chicago, there were softer, quieter connections to Trubisky out there. At least louder than McGlinchey right now. 

Of course, there is Harry Hiestand, former Notre Dame offensive line coach turned Chicago Bears offensive line coach.

Many have connected Hiestand to Quenton Nelson as a reason for the Chicago Bears to take the talented guard prospect. The Bears even brought in Nelson for a visit. However, the question is why Hiestand, a coach who brought Nelson up through the ranks and should understand how clean he is as a prospect would need to bring him in?

While there is no doubt that if Nelson is on the board, the Bears could easily prefer him to McGlinchey, they could just be stirring up the interest and smoke. Teams know loud and clear that eight in the floor for Quenton Nelson and a team may even try to get up ahead of Chicago in that regard.

Chicago may miss out on Nelson, but Hiestand knows what he has in McGlinchey. They do not need to bring him in pre-draft to know what he brings.

It is not the mainstream decision. It is not the groupthink pick. However, do not cross the name Mike McGlinchey off of the list when it comes to the Chicago Bears and what they do with their top ten picks. He could be the dark horse pick that surprises many at pick number eight.