Chicago Bears: Anthony Miller: What the Experts are Saying

OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 01: Anthony Miller
OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 01: Anthony Miller /

The Chicago Bears traded with the New England Patriots to grab Memphis WR Anthony Miller, here’s how the experts reacted.

The Chicago Bears have made quite a splash during the 2018 draft. Experts were pleased with Ryan Pace’s selections of both Roquan Smith and James Daniels. The Bears biggest splash might have been the trade they made with the New England Patriots, sending their 2019 second round pick to NE as well as one of their fourth rounders this year to select Memphis WR Anthony Miller.

There had been plenty of talk prior to the draft that Miller could be an absolute steal in the second round of the draft and when he fell into the 50s and Pace knew he wanted to add another contributing wide receiver to Matt Nagy’s offense, he knew he needed to make a move. After he did, this is how the experts reacted on Twitter:

You’ll notice a trend with the Bears’ draft picks this year. The experts love the selections. While most reactions are positive to selections during  the draft, they aren’t always (go look at what they are saying about the Oakland Raiders draft), but in this case, the experts seem to think Pace is hitting it out of the park.

It appears that Pace has added three starters with these three picks. If that’s the case, he has seriously fortified this team and they are certainly ready to take a giant step forward this season. Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy feel the Chicago Bears are ready to compete and they are making the moves to put them in a position to do just that.