Chicago Bears UDFA Signing: Kentucky Wide Receiver Garrett Johnson

LEXINGTON, KY - SEPTEMBER 30: Garrett Johnson
LEXINGTON, KY - SEPTEMBER 30: Garrett Johnson /

The Chicago Bears signed Undrafted Free Agent Garrett Johnson, wide receiver from Kentucky

The Chicago Bears added their third wide receiver from the rookie pool today when they inked Undrafted Free Agent Garrett Johnson.

Nicknamed “the juice” Garrett Johnson gets loose with the ball in his hands. He is what you would expect from a Matt Nagy receiver. Think a player on the Anthony Miller, Taylor Gabriel spectrum.

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Here is his highlight video

Scout Camp did an excellent write up on what Johnson can bring and how he is an impactful receiver in the deep passing game. Here is their overview.

"Summary: “He doesn’t stand out in terms of production or athleticism, but his combination of speed, savvy and agility offers the ability to contribute from day one with the potential to improve over time”"

He can get deep and he can create with the ball in his hands. The big issue with Garrett Johnson is that he reportedly weighs just 169 pounds. He was not invited to the combine, and most NFL scouts likely saw him as too small for the NFL. Most scouts saw Taylor Gabriel as too small for the NFL. That is about the same size as Taylor Gabriel.

Still, it is clear the Bears see a lot of the same traits in Garrett Johnson that they do in Taylor Gabriel. He can work with the ball in his hands and the Bears can set up the deep ball off of that. Call it Gabriel insurance, call it a wasted bet on the practice squad, it is one of the more likely Undrafted Free Agents from this group to stick around. Barring injuries he would spend at least his first season on the practice squad, but considering the depth of this unit, he could find himself moving up and around on offense.