Chicago Bears 2018 NFL draft pick positional clarifications

Some of the Chicago Bears had questionable roles when drafted, what did the coaches say?

In the post draft press conference, Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace clarified on some of the Chicago Bears draft picks positions.

Anthony Miller, Slot

This makes all of the sense in the world. Anthony Miller is ridiculously efficient in the slot. While many viewed Taylor Gabriel as a slot, most of his damage is done outside. Of course, both can shift in and out of both as well. The ability to rotate the two around is nice, but Miller is excellent in the slot.

Joel Iyiegbuniwe, Inside Linebacker

Iyiebguniwe played inside and outside at Western Kentucky. However, he was too small for the life on the edge in the NFL and had to move inside. The Chicago Bears put an end to any other reckless speculation quick. Although his speed in blitzing does provide pass rush.

However, his main attribute appears to be special teams. This is where he is going to get a chance to knock off some names such as Jonathan Anderson and John Timu.

 Bilal Nichols , Defensive End

This obviously would be in base, which is happening less and less often. Still, they see him less as a one or 0-technique which is worth saying something. Eddie Goldman is still the only true nose tackle option on the roster, so John Jenkins will likely serve as the backup in that spot in Goldman goes down. Of course, emergencies can happen the athleticism and versatile of Nichols is what made him a great pick. Nichols can slide into that spot, he played all across the interior in college.