Chicago Bears Post Draft Runningback Review


The Chicago Bears did not draft a running back but added two backs through Undrafted Free Agency. How does the running back depth chart stack up?

The Chicago Bears signed Ryan Nall from Oregon State and Nick Wilson from Arizona. Where do they stand in the mix of the Chicago Bears running back room?

Jordan Howard: Whether you believe it or not, Howard still is the most likely running back to be in a Bears uniform Week One. The Bears waiting until Undrafted Free Agency to touch the position should only ensure the idea. Howard will be their true between the tackles runner, and while he does not have great pass catching skills, lining him up with four pass catchers is another way to help open him up in the running game.

Tarik Cohen: The Chicago Bears have big plans for Cohen, and his versatility. Of the Bears backs, he will likely be second in snaps and touches, but it will be interesting to see where he ranks on the team in carries.

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Benny Cunningham: Cunningham was a quiet winner when the Bears did not touch running back until late. He has veteran presence, is clearly liked in the locker room and has third down, pass catching and special teams experience.

Taqan Mizzell: Mizzell only suited up for three games last season. Still, the team clearly likes his pass catching ability and hopes that he eventually see the field over Cunningham. However, he also should be watching those names behind him, because his roster spot is not guaranteed.

Ryan Nall: If the Bears think they can get enough in the fullback and running back department, Nall could step in for both Michael Burton and Taquan Mizzell. He has versatility that the team loves that gives him an inside shot heading to camp.

Michael Burton: The one case for Burton is how consistently reliable he is. He is a reliable blocker, does his job, lunch pail type of player. However, his lack of versatility may make the team favor Nall with all things equal.

Nick Wilson: Wilson exploded for over 1,000 yards as a freshman at Arizona. However, he only started in 14 games over the next two seasons, and only saw 128 as a senior in 2017. He has breakaway speed, but is likely going to struggle to shine over a fluid pass catcher like Mizzell.