Matt Nagy is “giddy” about Tarik Cohen

Tarik Cohen is going to see a huge boost in touches next season as he remains a favorite of head coach Matt Nagy

From the second they hired him the first name that came to mind as a beneficiary was Tarik Cohen. The good vibes and positive movement towards a break out Cohen season continued as Matt Nagy expressed his “giddiness” over the potential of Cohen.

We profiled after his hiring that despite the running back designation, the things that were typically asked of Tyreek Hill were not different than what Tarik Cohen was already doing.

Now, Matt Nagy is setting those wheels in motion. He talked about adding routes to the tree for Cohen before. Now, he is talking about how impressive his route running is. It is still May, but someone is going to have to fan me down.

The fact of the matter is that more touches for Cohen does not mean less touches for Jordan Howard, either. Cohen is going to be a passing threat, who just so happens to bring versatility. The same can be said for players such as Taylor Gabriel, and Trey Burton.

The fit of Cohen into Nagy’s offense is perfect and Nagy knows it. Cohen has done nothing but progress, and prove to a more well rounded skill set. Tarik Cohen is likely going to be a sleep in fantasy football communities and a much more relied on weapon than some may think.

If you do not believe, you should listen to the words of Matt Nagy. “Giddy”.