Chicago Bears most important offseason move

JACKSONVILLE, FL - AUGUST 24: Allen Robinson Chicago Bears
JACKSONVILLE, FL - AUGUST 24: Allen Robinson Chicago Bears /

NFL Mocks made a list of every teams most important offseason move. Who did they choose for the Chicago Bears?

The NFL mocks team rated the most important move that every team made. They defined “important” as:

"Whether a free agent acquisition, trade, coaching change, or draft pick, we take a look at each team’s most important move over the past few months"

For the Chicago Bears, they chose Allen Robinson. Here is the reasoning:

"Any time I watched the Chicago Bears in 2017, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Mitch Trubisky who was throwing to a group of nobodies at wide receiver.The Bears set out to change their offensive weaponry in a big way this offseason by signing some big-name players, including former Pro Bowl wide receiver Allen Robinson, who is their most important offseason pickup.The signing of Robinson gives the Bears a true number one when healthy, and will help Trubisky avoid the dreaded sophomore slump.The combination of Robinson with head coach Matt Nagy coming in, as well as Trubisky’s development, can help the Bears be at least competitive in the talented NFC North this season."

The reasoning is fair. Allen Robinson was a big name signing and did change the landscape of the offense moving forward. He is a huge hit or miss candidate making his outcome in Chicago very important.

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However, if I were voting, this would initially go straight to the hiring of Matt Nagy. Sure, Mitchell Trubisky needed a wide receiver. He also needed an offense,  a game plan and an identity moving forward. Matt Nagy brings all of that.

Going from a defensive, conservative coach to Matt Nagy, an offensive mind who is looking to spread the football around and get the ball into his play makers hands fast.

He is the one hiring the offensive assistants, he had say in the vision of adding Allen Robinson, and he will be responsible for putting the ball in Robinsons hands.

You could also argue for Roquan Smith and the re-signing of Kyle Fuller to be more important than Robinson. Smith is a potentially leader of the defense moving forward.

You never really heard Ryan Pace talk about a staple of the defense or a leader of the pack in the way that he talks about Smith. He sees Smith as a Hall of Fame talent with 10-plus years of starting play. He sees Smith calling the plays ASAP and setting the tone with punishing hits and challenging plays in the backfield.

The Kyle Fullers signing flies under the radar, especially because the team also kept Prince Amukamara. However, that was a huge signing for the Bears, and at the time of their decision saw them stealing a signing away from the Packers.

Fuller was excellent last season and with his first round talent, and career trajectory, there is an even higher upside to be had with Kyle Fuller. There is a chance that the Bears locked down a key piece of the secondary that they could have watched slip away to the Packers.

The fact of the matter is that the Chicago Bears made a plethora of huge pick ups this offseason. It is tough to pick just one. Either way you could argue that Nagy, Smith, Robinson and Fuller would hit the top four.

Would keeping Vic Fangio round out the top five? Amukamara? A potential first round talent in James Daniels round 2? What do you think, what was the most important offseason move?