5 Chicago Bears You Think Suck, But They Don’t

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - DECEMBER 31: Bryce Callahan /
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2. Dion Sims, TE

Many Bears fans didn’t understand why Dion Sims was kept on this roster after a dismal 2017 season. To be fair, even this writer was  a little baffled by it. The biggest reason being is Sims’ pretty hefty price tag of $6 million.

If Sims’ salary was lower, he would be a no brainer to keep on the roster. Sims is still the best blocking TE on the roster and he shouldn’t be considered the team’s $6 million third-string TE. Trey Burton will play the team’s Move TE, which is completely different from the traditional TE spot that Adam Shaheen and Sims play. Sims will be the backup to Shaheen, help in the running game and expect his contributions in the passing game to improve this year.

Sims was open several times last year and whether he was victim of Mike Glennon, a rookie QB or an archaic offense, he didn’t end up with results that wound up on the stat sheet. Sims is pricey, but he has an excellent chance to help the offense this season.