5 reasons for a Mitchell Trubisky slump

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 19: Mitch Trubisky
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 19: Mitch Trubisky /
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For every reason to trust in a Mitchell Trubisky breakout, there is a reason to question whether or not Trubisky could also see a sophomore slump

Earlier in the week we broke down 5 reasons why Mitchell Trubisky could be set for a breakout season. Today, devil’s advocate. What are the reasons to question Trubisky? Why would Trubisky be in for a sophomore slump. Here are the top 5 reasons


Yes, this point is easily going to be dismissed by some. I guess that’s why it is number five. It comes with the huge disclaimer that the supporting cast and play calling did have an impact on him. However, Mitchell Trubisky had a poor rookie season statistically.

He put up 7 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. On top of that he completed less than 60% of his passes and averaged under 7 yards per attempt, and he was sacked 31 times. Below is a list of players in the new CBA era who had a similar season to Trubisky in that regard.

Taking that many sacks and being that inaccurate as a rookie has not been a good thing in recent history. Trubisky is going to get a break because Dontrelle Inman was his best wide receiver and John Fox was unaware rookies were allowed to start. Still, he is now facing an uphill battle and is now relying on his skill players more than ever.