Fair or Foul: 92 tackles for Roquan Smith

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 02: Roquan Smith
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 02: Roquan Smith /

Is 92 tackles for Chicago Bears rookie Roquan Smith a fair projection?

What would be a fair projection for Roquan Smith in his rookie season with the Chicago Bears? Mike Clay of ESPN.com does the fantasy football projections that you see every week and before the season. While many fantasy players do not know it, individual defensive players can also be used in fantasy. So, Clay projected them as well. For rookie Roquan Smith, he gave him 92 tackles.

This would be a strong season for Roquan Smith. Below is every rookie from the 2000 season on to have at least 92 tackles.

It is worth noting that every player on this list was drafted in the first two rounds, and most have the pedigree of Roquan Smith. You do not just stumble upon a rookie season with that many plays.

It requires not only an opportunity but also the ability to have the talent to step in right away and find the football. Can this be Roquan Smith?

Absolutely. One thing to watch this season will be the play calling. It is worth noting that last season Jerrell Freeman was set to call the plays before he went out for the season. Between Danny Trevathan and anyone else on the roster, they would prefer Trevathan call the plays.

However, when the team drafted Roquan Smith, one thing talked about was his instincts as a signal caller. Trevathan talked about helping Smith with play calling. The Chicago Bears are hoping that sooner more than later Smith takes over as the defenses play calling.

With his confidence and need to be on the field as a play caller combined with his natural instincts it could be a high tackle season. Clay currently has Trevathan with a much higher tackle total than Smith. He likely will finish higher, but it may be closer than you think. Expect 100 tackles for Smith.