Who is the biggest addition in the NFC North?

JACKSONVILLE, FL - AUGUST 17: Allen Robinson
JACKSONVILLE, FL - AUGUST 17: Allen Robinson /

Did the Chicago Bears make the biggest addition in their division?

Recently, ESPN polled their NFC North beat writers, and asked the group which move they saw as the most significant in the division. Of the four reporters, three different moves were mentioned, and one was the Chicago Bears.

Courtney Cronin, who covers the Minnesota Vikings said it may not have been one move, but the group of moves to overhaul the Bears receiver corps as the biggest difference maker. She wrote

"The expectations for this group are the highest they’ve been in years. If Robinson can get back to his 2015 pre-ACL tear form while Gabriel and Burton thrive in more defined roles in Matt Nagy’s West Coast system, Trubisky will have all the weapons he needs to develop into a franchise quarterback."

The Packers beat reporter chose Jimmy Graham as the biggest addition, while the other two chose Kirk Cousins.

It is tough to say Jimmy Graham is the biggest move in this division, even if you were to factor in the idea that the Bears technically should not be able to count three moves are their defining move. When comparing Allen Robinson to Graham straight up, Robinson is likely a bigger move.

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Graham is a huge threat, and is a perfect fit for a player such as Aaron Rodgers. Graham cannot create separation like he used to, but Rodgers is precise in anticipation and placement.

However, this comes off of the loss of Jordy Nelson. Overall, are the Packers pass catchers better now than they were last season? Even if the Bears only move was Allen Robinson, he just changed their corps completely.

He is now the face of that room and that group and has added a level of respect to the unit.

However, if you were to ask me, Kirk Cousins was the biggest move. I am not even the biggest Kirk Cousins believer. However, I was not a believer in Case Keenum either. The fact of the matter is that from Keenum to Cousins, a team that was one step away from a Super Bowl did improve at their most important position.

That is tough to knock off. What do you think, what was the biggest move in the division?