Trubisky Ready for Year Two

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - DECEMBER 31: Mitchell Trubisky
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - DECEMBER 31: Mitchell Trubisky /

In an exclusive interview, Mitch Trubisky discusses with Bear Goggles On his prep coming into his second year in the NFL.

Every rookie is going to struggle from time to time in the NFL, for Mitch Trubisky, it was no different. Trubisky flashed his great skills many times, but in the end, his results weren’t great. He was 4-8, throwing for 2200 yards with 7 TDs and 7 INTs. Trubisky supporters will tell you that it wasn’t his fault, and that the fault fell with John Fox and Dowell Loggains. While that aspect can’t be overlooked, it doesn’t change the fact that Trubisky must improve by leaps and bounds in year two.

Trubisky knows he needs to improve and has taken the offseason to focus on how to improve in his second professional year. “Yeah, I made some mistakes but I’ve learned from those mistakes,  and it’s been a fun learning process,” Trubisky tells Bear Goggles On.

What does he need to improve? “My preparation on a week to week basis. And then when I get into the games, footwork and drops and going through my reads right…  I’m excited to take everything I learned from year one and use it in year two and keep getting better each day.”

It isn’t easy for a young quarterback to transition from one offense to another one. Combined with his final year at North Carolina, Trubisky will be in his third different offense in three years with new coach Matt Nagy in the fold. Has that affected him? Not if you ask Mitch. He can’t get enough of Nagy.

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“Coach Nagy has been awesome. He’s a brilliant offensive mind,” Trubisky said. “I think the positive vibe he’s brought around our building and the culture he’s installing and just the ‘be obsessed’ mindset about every single thing you do, whether it’s off the field, on the field, in the weight room, and everywhere just being obsessed and being the best you can possibly be.”

One thing that could help Trubisky is the stability that QB Coach Dave Ragone provides. Nagy brought it a new offensive coaching staff, but the only remaining offensive coach was Ragone. Clearly, Nagy and the Bears like the connection that Ragone and Trubisky have, and it’s clear Trubisky appreciates that connection as well.

“I learned so much from Coach Ragone. He’s helped me so much with my preparation and mindset and just how to be prepared on a week-to-week basis so I can just play my game and perform at my best,” said Trubisky. “He probably knows me better than anybody inside the building because he spent so much time with me in the meeting room and on the field. He knows how to push me and what gets me going. I just appreciate how much time he’s spent with me and everything we’ve done together.”

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With all the moves that the Bears have made this offseason and a new coaching staff, many NFL pundits think the Bears could make a similar jump this year that the LA Rams made last year. Does Trubisky like those comparisons? Not necessarily.

“You always have comments and comparisons on what people do on the outside. But we need to be our own brand and our own team,” Trubisky stated. “It all comes down to winning games for the Chicago Bears and believing in Coach Nagy’s plan and execution and continuing this positive vibe that we have in our building and make sure it translates to a winning culture. There’s always going to be comparisons and all that along the way. You can’t buy into anything except the plan that we have inside our building and continue to believe in each other so we can have success on the field.”

Success on the field? That’s something Bears’ fans have been desperate to have for some time, listening to the Bears’ young quarterback, you get the idea that success is indeed right around the corner.