Mitchell Trubisky is fine tuning details

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - DECEMBER 31: Mitchell Trubisky
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - DECEMBER 31: Mitchell Trubisky /

There are a lot of steps Mitchell Trubisky must take from year one to year two. One in which he has focused on is attention to detail

Everybody, and I mean everybody knew the biggest flaw surrounding Mitchell Trubisky entering the 2018 NFL draft. He did not have much experience. For everything you could love or hate from Trubisky, you had to admit, the sample size was small.

The errors could be groomed out, and the positives could be aberrations. This was one of the main reasons we had pitched hard for Trubisky to take over as a starter from Week One of his rookie season. There is no way to see what is real and what needs to be worked on unless he is adjusting within the speed of the game.

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Still, Trubisky was able to get on the field relatively early and was able to learn and grow on some things in which became tough on the rookie. One thing in which Trubisky has mentioned working on this offseason is his attention to detail. This comes in small fashions that most people would not even think of.

He talked about his attention to detail with Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune

"So it’s all about my footwork. The body language. Where I’m standing on the field when I’m getting the play call. Where I’m walking into the huddle. How I’m saying the play call. How we’re attacking the line of scrimmage. How I’m looking left to right, left to right, getting everybody set. Those kinds of details. Before I even get into my footwork, thinking about the play. How I’m taking notes in meeting rooms. How we’re communicating all those types of details."

These are little fixes that he wouldn’t have even been thinking about. A quarterback has to make instant, snap second decisions every single play. If he is struggling to get the play call in, or if he is rushing to the huddle, it affects his overall mentality within the play.

By hyper-focusing on these issues in the offseason, these will minute details that feel like common practice within the game setting. This is a great example of identifying a weakness, identifying a solution and implementing a plan.

It will be interesting to see how Trubisky grows in some of these facets. It could very well be that once the simple things become simple, the tough stuff becomes natural.