Chicago Bears: Is Danny Trevathan injury status alarming?

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Danny Trevathan
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Danny Trevathan /

Chicago Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan talked about how excited he was to enter training camp healthy this offseason. He has now missed the first two days with a hamstring injury

One of the more exciting notes walking away from OTAs was Danny Trevathan. Trevathan embraced the role as a leader, and more importantly he was healthy. Trevathan talked about the last few offseasons rehabbing and how much better he felt this year because he was able to progress his game rather rehab back.

Now, during the first two days of training camp Trevathan has been on the sideline with a hamstring injury. It brings the question into how alarming this could be.

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On the injury front, it could easily be just a small issue. Hamstrings can be light injuries, but they are nothing to mess around with. If Trevathan misses a week and is fully healthy, the precaution will have been worth it.

However, hamstrings call also linger. If he comes back before he is completely healed, it is unlikely to completely heal. He cannot rush this, and even when he comes back, he will have to ease into play. All of the sudden you are starting to hope that he hits the practice field by the Hall of Fame game.

On top of that comes back to the main point Trevathan made this spring. He was progressing his game rather than getting back to his game. How long did that last? It appears as though Trevathan is at least going to spend some time getting back to his game.

Roqaun Smith is not in camp either, so it is not like Trevathan is missing valuable time next to his future bash brother. Still, this was supposed to be a summer that lead to a leap for Trevathan. Now, we hope that it is not a season with a lot of hobbles.