Chicago Bears: Oh Mitchell Trubisky, my captain

Ryan Pace MINNEAPOLIS, MN - DECEMBER 31: Mitchell Trubisky
Ryan Pace MINNEAPOLIS, MN - DECEMBER 31: Mitchell Trubisky /

Before the Chicago Bears have even announced anything regarding players standing with the team, Mitchell Trubisky has already been deemed the captain of this team

A sentiment we found early into the offseason was the idea of how Trubisky has taken more responsibility in the locker room concerning being a leader. Last year, he was seeking advice from Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez. Now, he is more experienced on an NFL field than Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray.

This sentiment has leaked from the quarterback room to the offense to the entire team. As Adam Hoge of WGN has mentioned, key veterans on each side of the football show that they respect Trubisky as the captain and the leader of this football team.

During a press conference that featured Trubisky and Kyle Fuller, Trubisky said

"“I know everybody on the team, I’ve earned their respect and trust, and I’ll continue to do so through my work ethic and how much I care about this team and this game.”"

Hoge took note of the reaction of Fuller when Trubisky said this. Hoge noted that Fuller was nodding in agreement with the sentiment. Recall earlier this summer Prince Amukamara saying that it was Trubisky more than anything else that had him so eager to re-sign in Chicago. The corners have bought in.

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Another quote from the piece highlighted Kyle Long and his thoughts on Trubisky. Long went out of his way to call Trubisky the captain of the team.

"“He has taken ownership of this locker room,” Kyle Long said about Trubisky. “It’s not something that’s forced. It’s organic, and guys believe in him. We’re lucky to have him.”Unprompted, Long also referred to Trubisky as “our captain,” even though captains won’t officially be chosen until the regular season starts."

The Chicago Bears are a team that has completely bought into their signal caller. The young players are looking up to Trubisky, and the veteran players have embraced his presence. He has earned their respect by showing up every day and working to get better at his craft.

Early reports are that Trubisky has been off at times during training camp. He has been up and down. However, arguably more important than any pass throws in July is the amount of confidence he has instilled in his peers. In this regard, Trubisky looks just fine.