Chicago Bears: Could Roquan Smith holdout drag longer than expected?

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 02: Roquan Smith
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 02: Roquan Smith /

With new information regarding the Roquan Smith holdout, this may not be as simple as some people have put it

The visible reaction to the Roquan Smith holdout has been confusion. These rookie scale deals are supposed to be almost set in stone based on draft slot. You typically will show up, sign the contract according to your selection and boom, you see the field.

However, 12 days into the Roquan Smith holdout we have yet to hear why this simple task has remained so hard. Saturday, Matt Nagy gave us the information we needed to hear.

The debate is over the new helmet rule, and whether or not Roquan Smith should lose claim to guaranteed money based on being suspended due to this rule. This is where things will get tricky.

As mentioned, these contracts almost always have precedent. With this being the first year of the helmet rule, there is no precedent. The helmet rule has been met with criticism by not only players but also coaches. It is a subjective rule that may not even stick into the NFL long term.

Therefore, it is going to be much tougher for either side to budge. Smith and the Bears are now setting a precedent for this rule. Smith, playing linebacker is going to be the most notable draft pick to be scrutinized by this rule. Being the top drafted player at his position, he has to lead the way for the next top drafted linebacker.

Still, as of right now the rule is clearly subjective. Should we let a rule that has coaches and players confused, and is not fundamentally stable give the Bears a chance to recoup guaranteed money down the line?

This specific case will be a reference to not only Smith but every top ten linebacker prospect who is moving forward until this rule changes. There is pressure on Smith and his agent to hold firm, and Smith is right to do so.

However, there is going to be pressure on the Bears to make sure that this provision is in his contract, as other teams will want to exercise it as well. Now, we have a standoff.

Due to the lack of precedent and pressure on both sides to make a stand, this could end up being a more extended holdout than we first imagined. Buckle up folks, we may have only just begun.