Chicago Bears HOF game what to watch for: RBs

TUCSON, AZ - NOVEMBER 11: Running back Ryan Nall
TUCSON, AZ - NOVEMBER 11: Running back Ryan Nall /

What is there to watch for from the Chicago Bear running backs in the Hall of Fame game?

The Chicago Bears getting an extra preseason game does not mean much to the casual fan. However, the hardcore fan gets extra viewings of fringe roster players and diamonds in the rough that they have always wanted to see get an opportunity. It is going to make the Hall of Fame game worth watching.

When it comes to the running backs, there is a fair question as to how many snaps Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen will get. For Howard, the only question that needs answered is how good do his hands look in game action. For Cohen, how many different positions does he line up in. Still, while these are exciting questions for fans, they are also questions that likely will not be answered much on Thursday. As for Benny Cunningham, he will hardly see any time at all as a seasoned veteran.

Ryan Nall vs Taquan Mizzell

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From a running back perspective, the Hall of Fame game is completely centered around Ryan Nall and Taquan Mizzell. Aside from full back Michael Burton, they are the only other backs on the roster.

If we are hardly going to see the top three, we are likely going to see about three full quarters of split snaps between Nall and Mizzell.

Nall is a rookie UDFA, Mizzell is a player who signed with the Bears after preseason. We never really got the chance to see what the Bears had in mind for him. This should be a position that has the hardcore Bears fans salivating.

The Bears are going to keep one of these two, and there is a small chance both stay on the roster. However, the two should be looking at this as a pure competition, for not only a roster spot, but more snaps in this particular game.

Does Matt Nagy ride the hot hand? Does either back become the hot hand? Who adds more passing game value? Which back is more fluid between the tackles?Does Ryan Nall play any fullback? Do we see any fullback, or is Michael Burton all but done for?

These are some questions that actually can be addressed in the Hall of Fame game.