Chicago Bears HOF Game what to watch for: WRs

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 25: Javon Wims /

Who are the wide receivers to watch for in the Hall of Fame game?

While nobody is going to complain about football being back, it is true that the Hall of Fame game is traditionally the most boring game of the entire NFL schedule. Still, it is an extra game for us Bears fans to comb through the roster and get looks at potential fringe players.

As far as the wide receivers go it would be stunning if Allen Robinson suited up. Coming off of the ACL, there is no reason. At the same token, Taylor Gabriel will likely sit this one out as well. There is an even an argument to be made that Anthony Miller will not play much beyond a series or two. The team likely wants to get him out there and comfortable lining up in the slot and outside, but even he will see little time.

Kevin White

The questions start with Kevin White. On the one hand, this is a player who needs to see an NFL field in the worst way. His injury status has killed all of his chances to refine his game.

On the other, if he is healthy, there is a role for White on the roster next season. “If healthy”is the glaring keywords considering who we are talking about. Do we risk “if healthy” during the Hall of Fame game to get White repetitions against UDFA cornerbacks on the Ravens? His workload should be worth watching.

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Javon Wims

Wims is the next player I want to see. A seventh-round rookie, the team should have no reservations logging him real snaps. The Hall of Fame game is a great chance to see what they have.

Wims has shown flashes in camp on jump balls, but also has had some drops and missed connections. Thursday he gets on the field for serious repetitions, and hopefully early enough in the game that they are against someone else competing for a roster spot.

Wims likely will get onto the field as early as quarter one; the question is how deep into the game does he continue to play?

Tanner Gentry

Like Wims, Gentry should get onto the field in the first half at some point. What we are going to look for from him is an improved route tree. In what ways can he get separation? In what ways has he improved from a season before?

Josh Bellamy, Bennie Fowler

These two are veterans who are likely competing with each other for a roster spot. However, in this game, it is unlikely much will happen developmental wise. If it does happen, it would be on special teams. Both players will see the field some, but this game is more some of the more unknowns.

Marlon Brown

Brown profiles similar to Wims. However, his veteran status and injury history have him head and shoulders behind Wims to enter the game. With younger players needing to log snaps, it will be interesting to see how much of a chance he gets, and when. Is he only called upon in the second half when the major reserves come in, or is he mixing it up with the likes of Gentry and Wims?

DeMarcus Ayers and Garrett Johnson

Ayers vs. Johnson could be a low key practice squad battle between two smaller receivers. The Hall of Fame game is the perfect spot for them to show off their value. Both can bring return value and would be similar in profile to Taylor Gabriel if he goes down. Who gets more snaps in that Gabriel role? Who gets the return snaps?

These are two players who should see the field plenty in the second half. The Hall of Fame game will help tell who is ahead in this competition.