Chicago Bears Hall of Fame Game snap counts: 3 observations

TUCSON, AZ - NOVEMBER 11: Running back Ryan Nall
TUCSON, AZ - NOVEMBER 11: Running back Ryan Nall /

The snap count totals for the Hall of Fame game are now out, what are some things to point out from the game?

I know all of the sayings. It’s one game. Heck, it’s one preseason game. It is not just one preseason game; it is one out of five preseason games. Do not get worked up over it. This is true. However, this is also the starting point of the Chicago Bears season.

Whether it be fringe roster players or 90-man roster players, we have established a base of how the team views these players, and where they stand compared to their peers. So while we may not have learned about whether or not Mitchell Trubisky will breakout, or who starts between Jonathan Bullard or Roy Robertson-Harris, there were some notes to take home.

Here are the Chicago Bears total snap counts. Who stands out

What were the three biggest takeaways?

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1. Jordan Morgan and Rashaad Coward getting complete games.

The Hall of Fame game is made for Coward and Morgan. These two are two of the biggest projects on the roster. Morgan, a former fifth-round pick from Kutztown missed his entire rookie season. Coward was a defensive tackle at this point last season.

Neither had taken any true NFL snaps at their current position. Now, both have an entire game under their belts and 76 total snaps.

Morgan looked rough at times and was considered one of our games losers for the pressure he allowed at Left Guard. However, just getting on the field, and understanding the differences in speed makes this an invaluable learning moment.

Coward held his own for the most part at Right Tackle. These are snaps that the duo will likely be unable to secure down the road. It was smart of the Chicago Bears to leave them in throughout the game, and both should benefit greatly for it.

2. Ryan Nall, 41 snaps, Taquan Mizzell, 18

Anyone scoring the camp battle between Nall and Mizzell scored one in the Mizzell side after the first game. Nall had just seven carries for 13 to 15 yards on five carries for Mizzell. On top of that, Mizzell saw snaps early in the first half, Nall did not see his full work until the second half.

What hurts Nall even worse is the total number of snap counts each played. Mizzell shined brightly over Nall despite less than half the number of snaps Nall took.

Michael Burton saw all of the FB snaps over and finished with two receptions and touchdown, on just 13 snaps.

Mizzell and Burton saw the field early and were put away late. Nall was used to trying to put the game away against the scrubs. He sits firmly behind both on the depth chart as of now.

3. Michael Joseph leading the defense

Project offensive lineman leading the way on offense is not too surprising. However, not many would have guessed that Michael Joseph would lead the Chicago Bears defense in snap counts. Joseph played 87% of the snaps, logging 62 reps.

Joseph is a small school product which has a long path to travel to the roster. However, compared to others such as Doran Grant, Jonathan Mincy, and Kevin Toliver, Joseph was taking significant steps forward. We will see if he continue this momentum by examining the field in more important games.