Chicago Bears Preseason Week One What to Watch for: QBs

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - DECEMBER 31: Mitchell Trubisky
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - DECEMBER 31: Mitchell Trubisky /

What should we be looking for from the Chicago Bears quarterback position in Week One of the preseason?

The Chicago Bears technically got their first game in with the Hall of Fame game, but with almost no starters seeing snaps, Week One of the preseasons still feels somewhat like Week One for the Chicago Bears as well.

With that in mind, it is time to start tracking progress for starters and seeing week to week progression from the backups. What should we watch for from the quarterbacks?

Mitchell Trubisky

Without seeing a single snap in the Hall of Fame game, this game should be just a dip of his toes into the water. Trubisky will see a drive, maybe two in this game.

The only things that we want to see here are him jogging out, getting the butterflies out, and calling a play given by Matt Nagy. Show the understanding of the playbook, the command in the huddle, and call it a day. That is all we need to see.

Chase Daniel

After writing early this summer that Daniel would doom the team if Trubisky were to get hurt, I felt somewhat justified by his first preseason experience. Daniel was brutal, and statistically played one of the worst preseason games of his ten-year career.

Was it the offense? Was it the offensive line? Is Chase Daniel that bad? Given the circumstances of the game and level of competition even I expected more from Chase Daniel in the Hall of Fame game. What can he do to bounce back?

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Tyler Bray

Tyler Bray showed us why he is sticking around in the NFL, albeit a third string player unlikely to move up. Bray is smart, he is conservative, and he has a decent arm.

The issue he showed against Baltimore and throughout his career has been pocket presence. No happy feet, no dancing around. After one of the more extended looks of his career, this should be a summer where Bray sees a lot of game action. Let’s see him get comfortable.