Chicago Bears training camp battle update: Bullard vs Robertson-Harris

DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 16: Detroit Lions running back Tion Green
DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 16: Detroit Lions running back Tion Green /

Who is leading the Chicago Bears training camp battle between Jonathan Bullard and Roy Robertson-Harris?

Entering training camp the most obvious training camp battle was Roy Robertson-Harris vs. Jonathan Bullard for the second defensive end job. Mitch Unrein was gone and both made cases for the job last season. With training camp close to closing up and two preseason games played have we learned anything in this battle yet?

Playing Time

Both started and saw a similar snap count in the Hall of Fame game. While they both saw a similar snap total in Week One, and both played into the second half, it was Jonathan Bullard getting the start next to Akiem Hicks and Eddie Goldman. Robertson-Harris came in during the first drive, but it Hicks and Goldman rotated off of the field as well.

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With a slight tip in playing time to Bullard, Robertson-Harris has the slight nod in production. Bullard has four tackles with a sack, while Robertson-Harrison has four tackles and two sacks.

Still, the extra sack that Robertson-Harris had was cleanup duty from a pressure caused by Bullard.

Bullard has had better success in terms of pressures, but has also had a few missteps in his run defense as well.


We are still in a similar spot to when we entered training camp. Neither has played poor, but neither has separated themselves due to their play either. The Chicago Bears played the two deep into their last preseason game as they have been trying to get every last look in to differentiate the two.

With the fourth preseason game being a toss away, the team now has two chances to look at the two and distinguish who deserves more snaps in 2018. Bullard will likely start again in Week Two, but knows that he is playing for his job on every snap.