Chicago Bears: 5 players to watch in Preseason Week Three: Offense

JACKSONVILLE, FL - AUGUST 24: Allen Robinson Chicago Bears
JACKSONVILLE, FL - AUGUST 24: Allen Robinson Chicago Bears /
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Who are the five offensive players to watch in the Chicago Bears fourth preseason game

While it is the Chicago Bears fourth preseason game, we are now in Week Three of the preseason which means the game we all know as the dress rehearsal.

This is the Chicago Bears chance to get their starting lineup involved and plan the game as if it were a regular preseason game. It is an excellent way to get into the flow of the regular season.

With that in mind, depth players begin to move to the back of our minds. Who are some players to watch?

Mitchell Trubisky

We have seen an up and down preseason by Mitchell Trubisky so far. The biggest thing we need to see at this point is his understanding of the playbook and ability to control things pre-snap. We have written about the movement and motioning that goes on pre-snap. These things are done to make coverages much more clear to Trubisky post-snap.

If Trubisky is not picking up on the coverages that he sees pre-snap, all of the nuances and everything is done to make his life more comfortable can be for not. We have seen in some moments that Trubisky has shown confusion post snap about the coverages or the route timing that he was expecting to get. This indicates that he is still picking things up in the playbook.

Saturday he will get the whole book thrown at him. He will have an excellent chance to show how he is growing within the scheme.