Chicago Bears: 5 players to watch in Preseason Week Three: Offense

JACKSONVILLE, FL - AUGUST 24: Allen Robinson Chicago Bears
JACKSONVILLE, FL - AUGUST 24: Allen Robinson Chicago Bears /
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Tight End

With Adam Shaheen out for this game and potentially week one, it will be interesting to see how two-tight end heavy the Chicago Bears get. Yes, they have Dion Sims; however, Matt Nagy talked about Sims serving a different role than Shaheen. Still, in two tight end sets, you would expect to see Sims.

Do we see Sims in the Shaheen role, or do we see less tight ends overall? Matt Nagy also talked about adding a third tight end into the mix, and that being the reason for Sims having his own role. Do we still see three tight end sets? Is that role for Daniel Brown or Ben Braunecker?

Brown is the better pass catcher, but Braunecker is the better blocker. Shaheen was the great combination of both, so which of the two gets to fill the role will be worth looking into.

Overall, the early season plans of the Chicago Bears took a detour last week. Seeing how they remedy the issue will be noteworthy.