Chicago Bears: Spotlight on Kyle Fuller in Week Four

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 12: Davante Adams
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 12: Davante Adams /

With Prince Amukamara out, the Chicago Bears are going to rely on Kyle Fuller in what could be a tough situation

Two things that have stood out amongst the Tampa Bay Buccaneers early season success has come back on Ryan Fitzpatrick and Todd Monken. Monken is the offensive coordinator who took over play-calling duties from head coach Dirk Koetter this summer.

It has been clear that Monken has had success by attacking his opponent’s weakness rather than his system.

Against the New Orleans Saints, they consistently attacked the right side of the field, testing Ken Crawley. Against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Joe Haden was on the right side, so they threw the ball to the left and attacked Artie Burns and Cody Sensabaugh. They are looking for the mismatches and exploiting it.

It has worked out well with Fitzpatrick because Monken and Koetter have also given him the permission to let it rip and test these cornerbacks. The Bucs have Mike Evans, Desean Jackson, and Chris Godwin. Even when these players are not open, they are open.

So, Fitzpatrick has thrown questionable passes into coverage, and his stars have come down with it. This has the prosperity to strike back on him, and it did a bit against the Steelers.

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However, the question now becomes, are the Bears ready to take advantage?

Prince Amukamara is unlikely to play in this game, and with that, Fitzpatrick is going to test the Bears on that left side consistently. However, in moments here and there, they are going to go at Kyle Fuller.

Fuller has to take advantage. We know the other side is going to be a weak link. He has to hold down his end. Fuller is a strong cornerback. He plays his man well, but he does not play the ball well.

It has shown in the two touchdowns he allowed deep that he was right on his man, but the pass went right by him without him looking for it.

Kyle Fuller could have good coverage on Evans, Godwin or Jackson. He is still going to be tested. He has to make a play on the ball, and he has to make Fitzpatrick pay for testing him in a tight spot.

This is a weakness of Fuller, but it has to shine for the Chicago Bears defense to hold down this offense.