Chicago Bears: Platoon moves to right guard

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears have been platooning their left guard recently. However, with an injury at right guard, they moved the platoon to that side

In Week Four, James Daniels started to platoon with Eric Kush at right guard. That platoon went through the bye week and into the Chicago Bears next two games. However, against the New York Jets, Eric Kush was inactive with a neck injury all but ensuring the take over for the second round pick at left guard.

James Daniels started against the Jets, he had his ups and downs but survived his first full game in the NFL. Unfortunately, that game also saw an injury to Kyle Long at right guard.

So, with Kush close to being active and already starting the first seven weeks of 2018 it would make sense he would slot into the right guard spot in the following week. On the first drive, that came true.

However, similarly to Kush splitting reps with Daniels at left guard, this time Kush was splitting reps with Bryan Witzmann at right guard. Now, before this sounds insane, Matt Nagy coached Witmann with the Kansas City Chiefs just last year. He knows the offense as well as Kush.

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However, it does bring an interesting question about usage.

Was it because Kush was still injured? He couldn’t play a full game, but knew he could hold up his role in a platoon? If that is the case wouldn’t they keep Kush inactive for one more week, as they need a right guard for the long haul with Kush on the IR?

Was it because they see Witzmann as a player of similar caliber to Kush? He does know the offense. Still, that means that a player they picked up from free agency just a week or so ago is better than the starting left guard that their second-round rookie was having issues beating out. Is Witzmann this hidden gem, or is Kush, and potentially Daniels a bit worse than we think?

Either way, it is curious. It has not hindered the offense yet, so it is not a big deal, but the consistent platoon at either guard spot has gone on for a while now, and to see it switch sides and add Witzmann to the equation is interesting. Stay tuned.