Should Mitch Trubisky play at New York Giants?

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 09: Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 09: Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky /

With a shoulder injury and big test against the Los Angelas Rams looming, will the Chicago Bears play it safe with Mitch Trubisky?

While no team can be overlooked in the NFL, the New York Giants season virtually ended last week when they played the Philadelphia Eagles and blew a 19-3 lead. It was the final nail in their coffin, and now they limp into their home game against a rested Chicago Bears team.

With that in mind, it brings a question as to whether or not Mitch Trubisky will play on Sunday. First, let me say, he very easily may not medically be cleared to play on Sunday. However, one thing we have noticed with Matt Nagy is that he will usually take the extra week rather than push someone back. He also definitely looks at the schedule.

For example, Khalil Mack hurt his ankle against the Miami Dolphins. He was able to bounce back and play against the New England Patriots. However, he was used as a decoy for most of the game, showing how injured he was. Still, he suited up. Given his limited effectiveness, it is tough to say the injury worsened that week. However, with the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills on the schedule, the team rested him knowing that they had a three-game division stretch of Lions, Vikings, Lions.

They trusted that the team could get them through those two games while using Mack for pivotal games such as New England and the division battles. The same can be said of Allen Robinson.

When asked about the injury to Trubisky, Matt Nagy said he would treat it with similar precaution as those two injuries.

After winning the first two division games and seeing a banged up Lions group, Nagy certainly played with precaution on the first week. However, the Bears could get by one more week with Chase Daniel.

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When looking at the schedule ahead, the Los Angelas Rams are on the schedule, a true test with playoff implications. Would it be a shock that even if Trubisky were medically healed that he would miss one game and come back even more healthy against a talented Rams team?

We will what the doctor says.