49ers will test Chicago Bears linebackers

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Danny Trevathan
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Danny Trevathan /

The San Fransisco 49ers are a well coached team and will be a good test for the Chicago Bears linebackers

Despite being in control of the number one pick two weeks, Kyle Shanahan and the San Fransisco 49ers rolled off two wins over teams with playoff aspirations. While some fans may be disappointed it is the sentiment of a team that believes in their head coach and a head coach who is getting the most out of his players.

Lets face it, the 49ers are not the most talented team, and the Chicago Bears should win. However, if the Bears do not come in ready to play playoff football, it will be a long day.

That is because Kyle Shanahan uses his best players to his advantage. He attacks you in ways that many teams do not. That is because his best two chess pieces on offense are Kyle Juszcyk and George Kittle, a full back and tight end.

Many fantasy football fans are familiar with Kittle, and rightfully so. Kittle is a stud on offense and the complete package who can block, catch and run routes.

Take a look at the route here against a safety Darian Stewart. Kittle and the slot receiver cross so the safety has to play off to avoid traffic. However, Kittle runs a great route and gets him off guard with plenty of separation thanks to his free release.

However, what compliments Kittle so well is a full back who is not only known as an All-Pro blocker, but a player who can catch the football out of the backfield. On this play linked Shanahan motions his full back out wide to make trips to the right.

Again, the inside receivers cross with Juszcyk on the outside. Jusczyk gets open over the middle and catches a dart.

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This makes the team a tough defend because Kittle and Juszcyk are better blockers than pass catchers. However, Shanahan is getting them in open situations catching passes because teams are set to defend the run.

Take a look at the screen shot here. The 49ers have two wide receivers on the field. However, one is out wide and one is in the slot. He also has Juszcyk in the slot and Kittle standing up in the tight end spot. Then, he has his running back out wide.

If a team treats this as if they have five pass catchers on the field they can motion Wilson and Juszcyk into the backfield and run the ball down teams throats. If not, they have to defend teams in similar situations to the example shown.

On top of that  is the aspect that this team can throw off of their run looks. Lets say that after that picture shown the 49ers do motion their backs inside and show a power look. It could look like the play linked here.

Kittle motions into the tight end spot. Everyone blocks hard left and Nick Mullens uses play action the right. However, the running back who sells play action stays short to the left and George Kittle, who sold that he was blocking’ left slips behind the cornerback, who has his eyes on the running back.

With the rest of the defense now moving right thanks to the play action, Kittle is wide open deep across the field.

Kittle caught Todd Davis sleeping on play action in the play linked here.

Since Nick Mullens has taken over at quarterback the 49ers have thrown 26% of their passes to running backs and 32% of their passes to tight ends. League averages are 21% and 20% respectively. This team has a heavy emphasis on this game plan and the many branches are hard to stop.

It will take a lot of communication between the safeties and linebackers on the Chicago Bears to keep everything in order.