Chicago Bears lose Adrian Amos to division rival

It was going to be a sad day seeing Adrian Amos leave via free agency. Then he went and signed with the Green Bay Packers

Most Chicago Bears fans understood the financials, and that it would be hard for them to bring back Adrian Amos for the type of money that he was demanding. However, most Chicago Bears did not want to see it end like this either.

News surfaced early into free agency that it would be none other than the Green Bay Packers poaching a starter from the Bears and plugging him into the back end of their defense.

The numbers of the deal have yet to be announced but after seeing some of the numbers come in from the first day of free agency Amos likely cashed in big time.

On the one hand, you cannot blame him. After struggling to start his career the last two seasons were a huge blessing and opened the door to the money he never could have seen otherwise. He likely will not get a chance to cash in like this again and he took the money. No one can blame someone for setting themselves up for the future.

However, this is going to sting for Chicago Bears fans. Amos was homegrown talent and now he is wearing not only the colors of a rival, but the Packers.

It is funny to note that the Packers also tried to poach Kyle Fuller from the Bears last offseason. Of course, in that case the Bears paid up and met the demands from Fuller. It will be interesting to see what Amos can do without Eddie Jackson next to him, and now that he is making serious money.