Day One of Free Agency brings more questions than answers

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears plans are starting to show. However, it is giving fans more questions than it is answers

All winter debates raged about Bryce Callahan vs. Adrian Amos and whether or not Jordan Howard would return. The Chicago Bears had an active day, and tipped their hands a bit by making two signings at these spots in free agency.

However, nobody with a mock offseason or free agent suggestions had Buster Skrine and Mike Davis being the go-to targets for the Chicago Bears. In fact, while the Bears may see them as answers in their own eyes, many fans are walking away from the signings with more questions.

The move from Bryce Callahan to Buster Skrine has to be looked at as a downgrade. However, the signing also will come at close to half of the cost that Bryce Callahan is expected to get. This makes the move understandable.

It still does not provide all of the answers. Skrine is a downgrade. Does that mean he is a filler and slot cornerback is a need come draft time? Will they bring in more competition? What if Sherick McManis is better than Skrine?

Is it possible that the Jets lack of pass rush led to a lack of production from Skrine? These questions loom large.

Mike Davis comes with even more questions. He is profiled as a third-string running back who has never topped 150 carries. However, they paid him $1 million per year more than their current running back Jordan Howard.

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The Chicago Bears have fielded offers for Howard, and he was likely gone whether Davis was signed or not. Still, giving Davis more money than a player like Howard this year shows they think he can be a piece of this offense.

Is he a Howard replacement? Does this push running back behind slot cornerback as a draft need? Does this change the profile of running back they are looking for in the draft?

Perhaps the Bears went to the combine, said they did not like anyone here and moved forward knowing they have to pay, but that they would have to wait until 2020 to draft a back.

The Chicago Bears plans have not been completely revealed. There is plenty of time left. Still, the start brings questions that were not present before and gave answers that only led to more questions.