Matt Nagy gets an offensive weapon in Cordarrelle Patterson

The Chicago Bears signed Cordarrelle Patterson. He may not have a defined position, but he will be a piece of Matt Nagy’s offense

Last season we got a glimpse into what Matt Nagy wanted to do on offense. It was his first year with Mitch Trubisky and while he added plenty of pieces to the offense, there is no way that last season can be defined as the full Matt Nagy offense.

As the Chicago Bears move towards the 2019 season they added an offensive weapon in Cordarrelle Patterson. Notice I am not saying wide receiver, nor running back. To label him as either would be disingenuous to his skill.

Can he catch? Sure, he was targeted by Tom Brady on a 3rd and 10 in the AFC Championship ten yards down the field. However, that is not his game. He caught 21 passes and ran the football 42 times 228 yards, over five yards per clip.

Still, he is not a running back. How will he be used? In the ways that Matt Nagy knows how.

Matt Nagy loves motion, he loves confusion. He loves when the defense is completely off balance when the ball is snapped. From a schematic aspect alone Patterson is a huge weapon.

On the field, he averaged over 11 yards per catch and five yards per rush. That will play,

Oh yeah, and special teams.

Patterson has six kick return touchdowns in his career, one coming last year against the Chicago Bears. Matt Nagy got a taste of Patterson and wanted more. The possibilities of what Nagy can do with Patterson are endless.