Vic Fangio not spending on Adrian Amos speaks volumes

BALTIMORE, MD - OCTOBER 15: Strong Safety Adrian Amos
BALTIMORE, MD - OCTOBER 15: Strong Safety Adrian Amos /

Adrian Amos heads north to the hated Green Bay Packers. But what’s more telling is that he isn’t heading to Denver.

There are two players that are debated on Chicago Bears’ Twitter more than anyone else: Jordan Howard and Adrian Amos.

There are the camps that think Howard and Amos are special players and are elite at their positions. The other camp thinks that while both players are solid, they aren’t special and are replaceable.

So when this news broke, you can bet several debates will follow.

The Amos’ supporters are going to despite that this happened. They’ll blame Ryan Pace for not being aggressive enough to keep Amos on the roster and they’ll talk about how Amos is going to torture his former franchise for years to come.

If you are in the solid not special camp, you won’t mind this move at all. The Packers will have spent a pretty penny to get Amos in their secondary which, if he performs at a solid but not spectacular level, he won’t be making the impact the Packers need.

So while some Bears’ fans will be upset that Amos is gone, keep this in mind: there are three people who know what Adrian Amos brings tot he table more than anyone. Those 3 people are Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy and Vic Fangio. Pace and Nagy didn’t want to bring back Amos unless it was on their terms.

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Fangio, now the Broncos head coach, could bring in any player he wanted. Did he choose to spend on Amos? He did not.

Both Vic Fangio and the Chicago Bears were not interested in bringing back Amos because his dollar value in free agency far exceeded his actual worth to a team. Spending top dollar on Amos was only going to handcuff them moving forward.

Amos was a fantastic draft pick by Ryan Pace. The type of value Pace found in the fifth round of the draft cannot be stressed enough. But, at the same time, Pace doesn’t keep much emotion involved in his business decisions.

Pace didn’t think Amos was worth the money. Nagy didn’t think Amos was worth the money. Most importantly, Vic Fangio didn’t think Amos was worth the money.

What does that all mean?

Adrian Amos wasn’t worth the money.