Why Chicago Bears like Mike Davis more than Jordan Howard

The Chicago Bears like the upside of Mike Davis more than Jordan Howard. Matt Nagy helped clarify

When the Chicago Bears signed Mike Davis, we had speculated that this was a quasi-replacement for Jordan Howard. However, that was met with pushback saying that the signing was rather a Benny Cunningham replacement.

While it did not make sense for the Bears to aggressively pursue a Cunningham replacement in that manner the Bears have clarified, and as time has gone on it has become clear that Jordan Howard is not long for the Chicago Bears longterm plans.

The decision is surprising to some Bears fans, who pronounced Howard a fan favorite after his stud rookie season. However, with two down years after that, some of the shine has worn off, and he has never been in good graces with Matt Nagy.

While Nagy said he has a plan in place for Howard, he also said they are listening to offers. He also spoke on why he is a big fan of Mike Davis.

Matt Nagy immediately brought up how Davis was able to make you miss between the tackles. Jordan Howard is the Bears best between the tackles runner. Matt Nagy believes that in Mike Davis, the Bears have a better chance to create between the tackles than Howard. He may be right.

Last season Mike Davis averaged 4.8 yards per carry between the two tackles. He averaged over 5 yards per carry straight up the gut, between the guards and center. On the other side, Jordan Howard only averaged 3.8 yards per carry between the tackles and just around 4 yards per carry behind the center.

While we can call out the scheme, Matt Nagy is calling plays and believes his scheme can only make Davis better here. While we can call out the offensive line, the Seahawks do not hold All-Pro after All-Pro.

Mike Davis was better between the tackles, and Matt Nagy thinks it is obvious. Davis can catch out of the backfield as well, and while he never saw the workload of Howard, Nagy seems to like that idea as well.

The Bears added a potential upgrade between the tackles, in the passing game and with less wear on his tires. They clearly like Mike Davis more than Jordan Howard.