Five reasons to trust Matt Nagy with Jordan Howard trade

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Trade Compensation

While some are going to point and say that the Bears sold low and that they could have held out for more, at the end of the day that may have been the best offer. For all we know the rest of the NFL views Jordan Howard in a similar light to Matt Nagy.

They understand his limitations in the passing game and value him at a 6th round pick. Heck, the Chicago Bears think that they can get a Jordan Howard replacement in Mike Davis for a similar net cost.

A lot of people are going to point to Doug Pederson, and the Eagles trading for Howard and say that it is crazy Howard can fit in Pederson’s scheme but not Nagys. It has to be noted the risk that Pederson is taking on here. It is not like he traded significant assets to make him a piece of the offense.

He is trading nothing of value in a sixth-round pick. The Eagles are not extending him, at least not yet. They could be hoping that the running back playing for a contract can give them some goal-line work and break a run or two. They still have Wendell Smallwood, Josh Adams, and Corey Clement. They may even draft another. If he gets a contract elsewhere, it is not like it is a bad trade for them. They offered something when no one else did.

The Chicago Bears knew that Howard was not a fit. They knew that Davis could do what they are asking for and more, and they knew that they had a plan to draft a running back. They got the best they could which is not much and speaks to how interested all of these teams are. Just because the Eagles took a shot on Howard does not mean that they see him as the answer to their questions