Chicago Bears TE Zach Miller officially retires

NEW ORLEANS, LA - OCTOBER 29: Zach Miller /

Zach Miller officially announced his retirement.

It was a gruesome injury.

When Zach Miller was rushed to the hospital in October of 2017, doctors weren’t certain they would be able to save his leg.

Miller made a circus catch in the end zone during a Chicago Bears- New Orleans Saints game and twisted as he came down and Miller’s knee did things that knees should not do.

Training staff on the field recognized that Miller’s knee damage included arterial damage and that he was bleeding internally. He needed to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery with no guarantees that his leg would be saved. If the arterial bleed continues and the leg isn’t amputated, the injury becomes life threatening.

The doctors did some amazing work and saved Miller’s knee, and Miller knew he had a long road ahead of him, but hoped that perhaps he would be able to play in the NFL again one day.

The Bears did Miller a solid last season and signed him to a contract knowing he wouldn’t be able to play, but it would allow him to be on the roster to have access to the Bears medical facilities and medical/training staff.

Miller still wasn’t close to being ready to play as the calendar turned to 2019, so Miller took to Instagram on April 16th and announced his retirement.

It’s a tough day for Miller who is one of the most popular Chicago Bears among fans and teammates.

When Miller received the Ed Block Courage award, he discussed how he was still in pain and was just lucky to be standing.

You would have to think that the Bears organization is already figuring out how to keep Miller a part of the franchise in some capacity, even if it’s just as an ambassador to the team.

The players love Miller, as you can see from this tweet from Mitch Trubisky.

It makes too much sense to keep Miller with the organization, but until that day comes, we tip our cap to Zach Miller and wish him all the best. Zach Miller- a true Chicago Bear.