Chicago Bears: 5 notes from 2019 offseason workouts

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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

5. Mitch Trubisky is taking big steps

Yes, many will read the heading and laugh at the fact that Trubisky has shown progression in OTAs. However, from every report, and based on the way that Matt Nagy is talking it is inevitable that he has gotten better.

Now, I will agree that we need to see this when the lights are on. No one is saying completions on-air mean something.

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However, what Nagy is talking about is control and confidence in the playbook. Last year, Chase  Daniel and Tyler Bray knew the playbook more than Trubisky. Now, Bray and Daniel know the playbook, but Trubisky has lived the playbook.

Nagy noted that the biggest signs of his development come in his confidence about how he speaks.

Nagy said that last season route instructions or designs were coming from his mouth, but this year Trubisky is calling them out for his receivers.

He is taking that charge and command in the huddle and is showing his receivers that he knows exactly where they should be, and if they are there, the ball will be too.

This type of leadership can set a tone in the building and can make your team believe in you. Trubisky will have to continue into camp, but he has set a strong tone so far this offseason.