Chicago Bears Offseason Stock Watch: Elliott Fry

Where does the stock on the Chicago Bears kicker stand heading into training camp?

If you have listened to a Matt Nagy press conference this offseason you have heard him talk about the playoff loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. He wants his team to talk about it and to remember the feeling of losing such a tough game.

The game came down to a missed kick, which has led to a bit of hysteria when it comes to the teams kicking situation. Kicker has been a talking point for years, but never quite stung on a 6-10 team like it did last season via Cody Parkey.

Now, Nagy and General Manager Ryan Pace claim to be all in and invested in making this problem disappear. They brought in Elliott Fry to be a part of the competition.

Fry is from South Carolina and played in the AAF before signing with the team pre-draft. Heading into camp there is a two-man battle between Fry and Eddy Piniero.

On the one hand, Fry made it through OTAs. Three other kickers have been cut since he signed and he stands.

On the other, reports have been that the other kickers may be losing the job as much as he has won a chance to be in the final two. Nothing positive has come away from the offseason portion of the kicking challenges.

Fry has just as good of a chance at being the kicker week one as somebody who is not currently on the roster. It is tough to say his stock is up considering he has no hold of a roster spot.

Offseason Stock Down