5 things we learned in Chicago Bears week 3 win

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What are five things we learned about the Chicago Bears after their Week 3 win at Washington

Most fans are completely satisfied with the Chicago Bears 31-15 win at Washington. However, other fans are quick to bring up that the Redskins are arguably the worst team in the NFL, and this is what should happen.

Still, good teams are supposed to beat bad teams with ease, and the Bears did just that. Was this as sign that they are back on a Super Bowl track? No. But it does show that they are still a good team.

On top of that, there are some things to learn from this game that could be applied moving forward.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

5. David Montgomery is the workhorse

David Montgomery is not a favorite of fantasy players right now, who drafted Montgomery high only to see him slowly come on in the NFL. In Week 1, Montgomery only put up 13 carries for 67 yards on a Monday Night football blow out, making some think it will never get better than this for the rookie.

However, stop and think of what you said. It will not get better than the third game of a rookies career? He is only ascending, of course, it took time. Many fans treated Montgomery like a first-round pick because he was the first player Chicago drafted. However, he was a third-round pick and fell fora reason. He is not Saquon Barkley.

However, he is a good back and upgrade from Howard. In Week 1, he was behind Mike Davis, not a shocker that the first game of his career against a division rival saw him get eased in.

However, in Week 2, it was the Monty show. Montgomery got 18 rushes and saw goal-line work, putting in a touchdown. Week 3 did not see a touchdown and only saw 13 carries. However, he had a career-high 13 catches as well. On top of that, Mike Davis was on the sideline and got one carry, to finish the game in the fourth quarter.

Montgomery has not blown up yet, but he is close to the role of getting 20 rushes per game. With that, he will only ascend. Do not worry about three slow games to get his feet wet.

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