The biggest loss for the Chicago Bears, and how to move forward

Chicago Bears (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are in the middle of a lost season. After a dominant season just a year before where the Bears won the NFC North and were in the playoffs, Chicago now finds themselves on the outside looking in for a playoff race.

We will have a long offseason trying to find out what ended the Chicago Bears season. Was it the injury to Mitch Trubisky during the middle of the season? Was it Matt Nagy being too stubborn to change-up the playbook? Or maybe it was the offensive line and their poor play this season. If you ask me the Bears downfall can be traced to one game, the first game.

The offseason this year was filled with waiting and hoping. Hoping to find a kicker and take the next step, and waiting for another opportunity to play. The Bears were so overhyped this offseason that it seems like it went to their heads. They did not wake up until after the first game.

Green Bay versus Chicago, a great way to kick off the NFL season. The Chicago Bears hosted the Packers to start this year’s football season, and they were not prepared for it. The Packers came out ready to play and beat the Bears by a score of 10-3. I am not saying the Packers were that great against the Bears, but I am saying that one game killed the Chicago Bears.

Chicago went from a team that was worried only about their kicker, to one that had no offense. The Bears were held to so few rushing yards, Mike Davis led the team with 19 yards, 19 yards that is it. The Bears struggled with no offense through the first few weeks, and it looks like the team will continue to struggle all season.

Trading away Jordan Howard looks like an issue for the Bears. I am not saying Tarik Cohen and David Montgomery are incapable of running the ball, I am just saying it looks like the team does not know how to use them.

The Bears went from being bad to great so quickly last season, and ever faster the team has fallen off this year. I think all Bears fans are in denial of the season we are having. Last year I was hoping just to maybe be above .500, now it looks like we will struggle to do even that.

Maybe we will be back next year. A lot of the Chicago Bears are good, we just need to fix our offensive line, and improve our playbook. If the Chicago Bears had a better offensive line maybe Mitch Trubisky could play a little better football. I am not giving Trubisky an excuse I am just saying that not all the blame is on him.

The Bears are on a 4 game losing streak, and honestly, with games still to come against the Rams, Packers, Chiefs, and Vikings things look very unlikely to see the Bears in the postseason.

I think the best reason for hope for the Bears is this. The Packers and Vikings failed to reach the playoffs last year, and look at the turn around they have had this season. the Packers currently lead the division, with the Vikings not so far behind.

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Things can change so much year to year in the NFL, maybe next year will be better for the Bears. They can start building in the right direction now by winning more games. Go Bears!