Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy has given up on his players and team

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

There are several incidents during the Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Rams game that point to Coach Matt Nagy giving up on his football team.

Chicago Bears fans brace yourself because we still have six weeks remaining to sit through this disappointing season. The same issues that have plagued the Chicago Bears this season continued to rear its ugly head; dropped passes, inability to run the football, missed field goals, no poise, lack of confidence, etc.

Despite all the on-field issues, there is still one constant denominator and that is the Head Coach. Matt Nagy should be forced to watch the game tape to critique his emotions and to deeply examine what football teams look like when their coach quits on them.

There are no excuses for Eddy Pineiro missing two field goals especially in a game where points were going to be hard to come by. It is baffling to me how this team can’t get the kicker situation corrected. It’s even more frustrating that during the offseason they felt this was their own problem. Pineiro hasn’t been the same since the Chargers game.

Losing the big game kick has rattled him and he hasn’t been the same since.  Matt Nagy put the dagger in Eddy Pinerio’s confidence on Sunday when he opted to go for it on 4th and 9.

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Speaking of a unit that has not looked the same is the Chicago Bears defense. Ever since the Oakland Raiders game, the Bears defense has looked somewhat mediocre. They are clearly struggling against the run attack. There was one point during the game that I had to question whether Khalil Mack was even still part of this football team. He has been nowhere to be found since Oakland and actually it sort of started against the Raiders.

He had rookie linemen he went up against during Sunday night’s game and should have been chomping at the bit. The secondary has not been great either. It seems there is always one play that absolutely annihilates the coverage. More times than not it involves Kyle Fuller.

The one play where the touchdown was overturned, Kyle Fuller looked depleted. The Bears defense started out good against the Rams. They forced two turnovers but then couldn’t stop Todd Gurley or the play-action pass. They picked up their tempo and played much better in the second half, but as it has been all season long this defense has one drive that tarnishes all their game successes.

Mitch Trubisky played a good game against the Los Angeles Rams. There were still moments that were not perfect, but it appeared that he was more confident out there and making plays he would not have normally made a couple of weeks back. He was getting in rhythm.

Last night, it was not Mitchell Trubisky who hurt the offense. It was his wide receivers who apparently can’t catch a football. I have no clue why a receiver wouldn’t try to get open when their quarterback was scrambling. Instead, they just stood there and did nothing.

Another thing that didn’t sit well was a missed catch by Anthony Miller that led to an interception. While the play killed the drive for the Bears it is what transpired afterward that needs to be questioned. Anthony Miller was shown on camera jarring with the Rams defender and shown throwing down “signs.” Those two examples show you there are some other issues going on with this franchise.

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Matt Nagy needs to be questioned about his inability to bring out the best in his players and why his team is lacking the passion to play better than their potential.

I am not sure why Mitchell Trubisky was pulled from the game. The Bears are claiming a hip injury, but with contradicting stories, it appears that Coach Nagy made a decision to go with Chase Daniel instead.

It not only stunned NBC Sunday Night Football announcers Cris Collinsworth and Al Michaels but Bears fans everywhere.  Matt Nagy did embrace his QB last night and whether that was a discussion about how proud he was of hard he played despite being injured or the fact he was pulling him still needs to be determined.

If there is no injury and Matt Nagy decided to pull at that exact moment then there needs to be serious questioning about his tenure with Bears organization. Because it would clearly show he gave up not only the game but has given up on his team. That is one of the many examples that can be pulled from the Sunday Nights game.

Matt Nagy needs to address his team’s concerns and needs to stop refusing to believe there are problems especially with him. From a coach that preaches building team culture, he is surely doing a poor job at maintaining and building on it. Whether he realizes it or not, Matt Nagy is hurting this football team.

There is no doubt that Matt Nagy gave up on his team against the Rams, and in turn, it looks like the team gave up on him. It’s a disastrous time in Chicago right now, and when this season mercifully comes to an end the head coach, coaching staff, front office, and players will all need to be reevaluated.

A season ago it looked like this franchise was starting a new era of Chicago Bears football, however, it appears that everyone and everything has regressed and in order to reignite this franchise and to put them on the right track of success significant changes are going to have to be made.