Chicago Bears: Revisiting Bobby Massie extension

Extending Bobby Massie does not sound like a wise decision for the Chicago Bears after a down year.

When the Chicago Bears extended Bobby Massie last season, it was not a huge shock. Massie was entering the year as a potential free agent and was just coming off of his healthiest, and most consistent performance since signing with Chicago.

Keeping offensive line continuity in place is valuable and looking at the roster now, it still is hard to find enough depth to make up for losing Massie.

Still, a lot of the warning signs for Massie were there as well. As mentioned, his play has been up and down. Even at his best, he was always considered one of the least valuable linemen of the group.

On top of that, they gave Massie a four-year extension at the age of 30. Fortunately for the Bears, when you dig into the contract, you realize that 2020 is going to be a big year for Massie.

The extension gave Massie a 2019 raise, that he obviously did not live up to. However, when you consider he was arguably underpaid in 2018, it is not a huge discrepancy.

In 2020, Massie is going to be the likely starter at right tackle in Chicago. However, he will once again be playing for a contract. If the Bears cut Massie this year, they are down $10 million in cap space.

However, in 2021, they could save $7 million in cap space, and $8 million in 2022. Considering Massie will be 32 and 33 when those numbers are due, he would have to play one heck of 2020 to earn his deal in 2021.

This sets the Bears up in a spot where they can evaluate Massie and hopefully get the most out of him. However, by then some depth should have been able to step up and considering the savings, 2020 is likely the end for Massie. Adding in the poor 2019 and the health issue only added to what was expected.

Still, while many spots will change before next season, expect Massie and his $10 million cap hit to be back in at right tackle.