5 Christmas gifts for Chicago Bears

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These five Chicago Bears would have a Merry Christmas with these gifts

Chicago Bears fans are disappointed this Christmas. There is not much that is going to change that. However, despite the disappointment it is still the time to spread the holiday cheer.

The team was not far away, and could just use a couple of breaks, or a Christmas miracle to be back in contenting for 2020. These five gifts would give the Chicago Bears and all of their fans a happy new year, and following 12 months to come.

5. A signature move for Leonard Floyd

Leonard Floyd has so much upside. He is big, athletic, fast, and fluid. He is comfortable playing in space, but can tackle the quarterback as well. Still, he was a major disappointment this season despite Khalil Mack seeing the majority of the double teams.

The fact is that Floyd can collect clean up sacks. He can use his speed, and explosion off of the ball to create pressure. However, he has no moves. Whether it be a chop, a dip, a rip, or a spin, most great pass rushers have a move that you know they are going to in key situations.

A player such has Mack has multiple elite moves. Floyd has none. If Floyd had one pass rushing move, he could be a consistent pass rusher who collects at least seven sacks per year. As the Bears have to decide on his 2020 fate soon, adding a move to his arsenal would make things a lot easier.

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