John DeFilippo likely chose the Chicago Bears for one of these two reasons

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Chicago Bears, Mitchell Trubisky
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Ryan Pace and Mitchell Trubisky

Yep. You might find this hard to believe, but this is definitely a possibility. John DeFilippo chose to take a head coaching interview in 2018 with Ryan Pace and the Chicago Bears. He did this knowing full well that Mitchell Trubisky was the future quarterback of the franchise. Pace chose Matt Nagy over DeFilippo, but I am sure Pace liked what he heard regarding DeFilippo’s plans with the Bears offense and Trubisky.

Is it possible that DeFilippo sees the hidden talent that resides within number 10? DeFilippo is responsible for helping mold many quarterbacks in the NFL. He might even feel most comfortable being a quarterbacks coach opposed to a play-calling offensive coordinator.

In 2007 and 2008, DeFilippo was the quarterbacks coach for the Oakland Raiders. Their starting quarterback was JaMarcus Russell. Russell played three seasons in the NFL. In the two seasons with DeFilippo, he sported a 55.9 and then jumped to his best 77.1 quarterback rating. The year without DeFilippo he fell back down to a 50.0 quarterback rating and never played again. If this does not speak volumes on its own, I do not know how else to convince you he is a great quarterbacks coach.

In 2015, DeFilippo was the offensive coordinator for the Browns. The team had Josh McCown and Johnny Manziel. McCown started eight games and finished with 12 touchdowns to four interceptions. He had a 93.3 quarterback rating. Manziel did not do as well, as he finished with seven touchdowns, five interceptions and a 79.4 quarterback rating. Manziel did not have the right attitude to succeed in the NFL yet still showed success with DeFilippo.

The list goes on with guys DeFilippo worked with as a quarterbacks coach or even offensive coordinator. Carson Wentz, Nick Foles and now even Gardner Minshew are on the list of names. DeFilippo has a way of bringing out the best traits in a quarterback and teaching them how to be the best they can be. It is possible he likes what he sees from Mitchell Trubisky and wants to prove he can fix the issues.

I know most of you will not believe this to be true, but ignoring the realm of possibility makes little to no sense. This is clearly one of two logical explanations. We are unaware of the conversations that take place between Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy and these new coaches. Is this Pace and Nagy pushing all their chips in on Trubisky? Time will tell as the offseason progresses.