John DeFilippo likely chose the Chicago Bears for one of these two reasons

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Involves a New Chicago Bears Quarterback

Really? As I just alluded to, we do not get to know the true inside conversations that take place among Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy and any of the other coaches. What Pace and Nagy said at the press conference after the season could be a smokescreen.

Obviously, new faces are going to be in the quarterbacks room in 2020. Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray are both unrestricted free agents. Does Pace replace one or both with new competition for Trubisky? I personally think both are gone.

This would mean that DeFilippo is excited to be a part of revamping this offense by bringing in a veteran quarterback or a new shiny toy draft pick. Pace might have even alluded to who the Bears are going to target this offseason in both free agency and the draft. With a somewhat deep quarterback class, I would expect Pace to draft his second quarterback as Bears general manager.

The Chicago Bears now have four coaches with experience as a quarterbacks coach. Is this a way to bring all the minds together to draft the absolute best quarterback available in the second round? Is Pace planning on continuing his aggressive drafting behavior by pairing up both seconds to try and move up into the first? All of these options are truly exciting and DeFilippo could want to help groom who he believes is the best available quarterback prospect when the Bears are on the clock.

Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace are both very polarizing. The two could have convinced DeFilippo with their charm alone. The locker room chemistry on this team is still fantastic. Even with a rough 8-8 season the team never wavered as a group. DeFilippo clearly can see this too. With the idea he can help bring in a Trubisky replacement coupled with how close this team seems to be, it is easy why DeFilippo is here.

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Which scenario do you find to be more likely on why he is here over other positions? Is this a win-win situation and he gets to coach up Trubisky and help decide on a replacement quarterback? Either way, I am excited to have him here in Chicago.