5 Senior Bowl QBs for Chicago Bears to watch

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Chicago Bears, Anthony Gordon
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3. Anthony Gordon

Projected Draft Slot: Mid Day 2 

Gordon is starting to become a very popular quarterback in draft circles. To start, he is a transfer one-year starter who put up big numbers in Mike Leach’s air raid offense. Having similar stats to Gardner Minshew in the same offense that Minshew was in the year after Minshew did it should open some people’s minds to the prospects of drafting Gordon.

On top of that, it is easy to use Patrick Mahomes as a similar playing style comparison to Gordon. Gordon makes throws off-platform and looks to fit passes into tight windows that some will not try. His off-schedule playmaker ability has to be praised in a year where Mahomes has made a Super Bowl run.

Physically he is nowhere close to Mahomes and is almost like the combination of Minshew and Mahomes. Still, that presents an interesting prospect.

With Gordon, there just is not much tape out there. The Leach offense is QB-friendly which is why someone like Minshew fell through the cracks.

Gordon can make off-platform throws but has just as many interceptions when creating out of structure. For Gordon, scouts will want to see where his physical limitations lie, and if his playing style can transfer. He also needs to answer questions about whether he can pick up an NFL offense.