Chicago Bears: “Would you rather” scenario game

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

Ever play the game would you rather? Essentially you are given two scenarios and you must choose which scenario you would rather play out. This is the same thing, but a Chicago Bears edition.

The offseason is clearly upon us. As we go through and analyze draft prospects or possible free agency moves the Chicago Bears might make, we must take a break from time to time for some fun. Well, that is exactly what this one is about. I am going to present some scenarios and we here at Bear Goggles On want to read which scenarios you would choose. Post your responses on either social media or in the comments section.

Let us dive into this right away with our first “would you rather” scenario.

Scenario 1: Patrick Mahomes or Mitchell Trubisky

Wait! Stop. You need to read more than the subheading on this one. Would you rather have Patrick Mahomes and the Chicago Bears 2017 wide receiver corps for the rest of Mahomes career or would you rather have Mitchell Trubisky with the 2019 Kansas City wide receiver corps for the rest of Trubisky’s career?

This is a tough one. Could Mahomes have made guys like Kevin White healthier? The answer is obviously no. Could he have made White better though? Possibly. However, give me the talent (wish I could leave the off-field drama out of this but I cannot) of Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce any day. Yes, even with Trubisky throwing the football.

Scenario 2: Matt Nagy or Bill Belichick

Again, you must read the whole scenario. Would you rather have Matt Nagy and he gets Tom Brady in his prime or would you rather have Bill Belichick and he gets Chase Daniel as his starting quarterback.

I cannot stand, but respect, Belichick. That said, give me Nagy and that Brady connection. It will be interesting to see if Brady moves on from the Patriots and goes elsewhere. Could Nagy get Brady (not in his prime) here in Chicago?

Scenario 3: Trey Burton or Travis Kelce

Hopefully, you picked up on the fact you need to read the entire section before just answering. I know, reading can be hard and boring at times, but these should be fun.

In this scenario, would you rather have Trey Burton who is 100 percent healthy for his entire career or would you take Travis Kelce but he has nagging injuries every week of his career?

This is tough. Kelce is arguably one of the best tight ends to ever play the game. Burton was not awful in 2018, but he also did not stand out either. Give me Kelce still despite the nagging injuries that could slow him down. Who do you have?

Scenario 4: Super Bowl or Sustained Success

Alright this one kind of speaks for itself. Would you rather watch the Chicago Bears win one Super Bowl over a 20-year span, or would you rather the team makes the playoffs every year, but constantly falls just short of winning the big game?

Over a 20 year span is similar to what I have watched with the Chicago Bears winning in 1985, going to the Super Bowl, but losing in 2006 and the team has been meh most other years. If the Bears were to make the playoffs and lose a few Super Bowls every year out of those 20 years, I would shockingly take that success over one Super Bowl victory. Seeing them win and succeed for 16 weeks plus a playoff run seems more entertaining.

Next. Would you make this trade for the Bears?. dark

Alright, this will be an ongoing article throughout the offseason. I will come up with some more and give you twists and turns to make you think about what seems like a better option. Do not forget to give us your answers in the comments or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.