Three surprise cuts the Chicago Bears should make in 2020

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Leonard Floyd
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Leonard Floyd

Ryan Pace decided to pick up Leonard Floyd‘s fifth-year option last season. Here’s the thing, the contract is only guaranteed for 2020 if Floyd suffered a severe medical issue. If Pace decides to cut ties with Floyd prior to March 18, 2020, all of Floyd’s salary will be off the books.

This move seems to be expected by many Bears fans and yet a surprise for many others. This is why cutting Floyd makes the “surprise” cut list. If Floyd sees the door, the Chicago Bears will free up over $13 million in cap space for 2020. He is set to be the third-highest cap figure on the team. Does anyone think he has been good enough to deserve this type of money?

Listen, Leonard Floyd has not been bad. He just has not been what the Bears need from a pass rush standpoint. He has been solid against the run and a decent pass defender. That is not good enough though in my opinion. If Pace and Floyd cannot come up with some type of extension before March 18, Pace needs to let Floyd walk. If he can get him down to around $6 million in AAV salary, then I am okay with keeping Floyd around.

Will Pace check his ego at the door since he was the one who drafted Floyd ninth overall in the 2016 NFL Draft? Or will he pay Floyd more money than he deserves hoping that Floyd clicks in 2020? Check the ego Pace, save the $13 million and raise that salary cap space to $41 million dollars. Now you are in the middle of the pack for 2020. Can the team do even more though?