Chicago Bears: 5 Senior Bowl winners

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Chicago Bears, Anthony Gordon
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4. Anthony Gordon, QB, Washington St.

If there is a quarterback in Mobile that Bears fans need to get to know, it is Gordon. To start, Justin Herbert cemented that he will be a top half of the first-round pick. Jordan Love got mixed reviews, but all indications are he will be gone by the Bears pick, which may be a good thing.

Shea Patterson and Steven Montez showed that they are not players with starter upside, while Jalen Hurts had a really rough week as well. Many will like the mobility and demeanor that Hurts brings, but if he showed anything this week, it is that as a processor, he is not going to be an NFL starter.

That leaves us with Gordon. Gordon showed some physical limitations this week, but there is no doubt he flashed more anticipation and understanding than Hurts. He comes from the same system that developed Garnder Minshew, which values quick accuracy, and Gordon flashed that as well.

Gordon does not flash physically and has one year of starting experience, so he will be around when the Bears pick. Of the six quarterbacks that performed this week, Gordon is the one.