10 quarterback comparisons to Mitch Trubisky through 3 years

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9. Eli Manning

We know how Manning got to New York but was the start to his career all that different than Mitch Trubisky? Manning has two fewer starts, but the two have thrown almost the same number of passes through three years. Here are their comparisons.

Trubisky was more efficient overall. While Manning threw more touchdowns, Trubisky had more yards and plenty less interceptions. Still, Manning took fewer sacks. Here are the per-game stats. The rushing factor is a big difference for Trubisky.

Similar to Trubisky, Manning was on the bench in Week One of his rookie year, but was thrust into the starting lineup early. After a poor rookie year, Manning saw his whole team take a step forward and make the playoffs with an 11-5 record. The following year the team fell back to 8-8. Sound familiar?

This set up for a huge fourth year for Manning. When Manning started the year 0-2, many wondered if he just did not have what his brother did. However, the team got hot and in his fourth NFL season, Manning won his first career Super Bowl. You know the story from there.

Looking at where the two were through three years, it is not crazy to think that a fourth-year like Manning propels him into the player we know now. Of course, fans have to remember that while Manning won two Super Bowls, he had plenty of down performances in that same run. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.